Gel Fireplaces for the Modern Home


Gone are the olden days when families used to gather around the fireplaces in the evening and knit or read books listening to the crackling of the woods in the fireplaces. In this fast paced world where knitting has replaced chatting and books have replaced tablets the status of the wood fireplace has also given way to gel fireplaces.


Gel Fuel fireplaces are the latest version of the old fireplaces with small differences like instead of using wood as fuel in the fireplace one can use gel fuel for the fireplaces. This fireplace is designed keeping in mind that gel fuel fireplace would work in those places where the normal fireplace are not feasible or are not at all practically possible.


Gel Fireplace Advantages


Gel Fueled fireplaces as compared to others has many advantages. First advantage is Gel fueled fireplaces come in all shape and size and they are stylish contrary to other fireplaces. They really fit the modern homes and they are stylish too. They are some times also built in bricks and stones and can give the feel of rustic cabin to the house. Gel fueled fireplace is all about the looks and these days they are also coming in different colors like red, blue and sometimes even in two mixed colors.


However now a days, gel fueled fireplace advantages are beyond looks. They take care of one of the biggest problem of wood fireplaces, the problem of soot. For gel fueled fireplace one doesn’t need papers or logs of wood to kindle a fire and when these things are not there then automatically the soot goes out of the picture. Although the method is modern and the look may be different however the warmth of these gel fueled fireplace are no less.


Gel Fireplace Safety


It’s economical and energy efficient practice when you use gel fueled fireplace as they do not require the traditional chimney to let the smoke out. Normally they can be placed anywhere in the house and the people can enjoy a warm evening without having to worry about any soot on their carpets or any smoke in their living room. These are perfect as they burn in alcohol which is the gel used to burn the fire. Gel cans are available in the market for these gel fueled fireplaces and each can is used for 3 hours.


Gel Fireplace Maintenance


Gel fueled fireplaces are practically maintenance free. All kinds of fireplaces require servicing once in a while, however that is not the case with the Gel Fireplace as it is literary maintenance free. There are no places in the device which can come loose or any gas chambers which can dislodge from its positions, no logs to worry about when outside it is snowing and no smoke to inhale in the living area. Thus Gel fireplace is dream come true for all modern houses.